Giving Up a Surrogate Baby

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I’m in the last couple of weeks of my surrogate pregnancy was it hard to give up the baby im starting to get really scared after the birth

Reply by Rayven

Giving a surrogate baby back to his parents is different for every surrogate mother. Some surrogate mothers experience only joy at the baby’s birth, as they are excited about the new family they have created.

Others feel a combination of some sadness as well as joy. At the birth, the surrogate’s role is done. Many surrogate mothers are the center of attention throughout the pregnancy, but the second that child is born, that attention shifts -permanently- to the baby.

Most women who are surrogates do not experience great feelings of sadness or loss at the birth of the baby; though it does occasionally happen. This is where a good support system comes into play.

Don’t be scared; the birth is beautiful, and watching the happiness on the faces of your intended parents is worth it all.

If you feel a little sad, it’s OK. Go home and hug your children and it should pass in a few days. Talk to your partner and your support system and be honest about your feelings with them. If for some reason your sadness (if you have any at all) lingers, or becomes overwhelming, talk to your OB/GYN.

For me, giving the baby back to his parents was the best part. I did not experience any sadness whatsoever. I can honestly say for me, it was not hard in the least giving the baby back to his parents.

Best wishes!

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