Is it possible I couldn’t have any more children of my own if I choose to be a gestational surrogate mother?

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I’m truly thinking about being a surrogate mother but my husband and I find it important to have one more child together. What are the risks that being a gestational surrogate mother will affect our dream of having another child of our own?

Reply by Rayven

Yes, it is possible that you could lose your ability to have more children by becoming a surrogate mother.

Despite our modern medical miracles, it is still possible to lose your life during pregnancy and delivery. Though rare, it happens.

And it also happens that a woman can lose her ability to ever carry another child during any pregnancy and delivery. Thats why some intended mothers seek a surrogate.

I’ve known surrogates who have lost their ability to have future children, and I have known some surrogates who have become intended mothers and have enlisted another surrogate to help them complete their own family.

Is it common? No. But I would say that there is a slightly higher risk while being a surrogate than otherwise. There are more invasive procedures, you really don’t know how your body will react to medications, and with such an increased chance of multiples, your risks in pregnancy do go up.

Will it happen to you? Probably not. But for these reasons, I would without a doubt be sure that you are done having your own children before you consider becoming a surrogate mother.

Best wishes!

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