From Hopelessness to Triplets – Our Infertility Story

…from a reader

I found out in my early 20’s that becoming pregnant was going to be difficult for me, and yet I still did not lose hope. I wish I could say my journey was easy, that there were not times that I wanted to give up and that it was no big deal. However, I can not say that.

After struggling with infertility for six years my first husband and I divorced, he wanted children and well we had done just about everything we could to become pregnant with no success. Once our divorce was final I moved from my home town to one of the larger cities in the states.

After many years of being single I met and married my current husband, I had always been upfront with him regarding my infertility and yet he wanted to marry me anyway. We were able to start treatments within a year of getting married, we started the process by doing injections and artificial insemination.

This was not an easy process, I had to give myself shots daily in my stomach and go to the doctor every other day. The hardest part was the fact that you could not get away from it, my entire life at the time, was scheduled around our treatments. It seemed to be all I could think about and do.

Our first cycle was a failure, which did not surprise me, second cycle and third cycle were canceled. My forth cycle was my second completed cycle and it as well was a failure, we discussed IVF and made the decision to give it one more try before moving on.

I had to sit out two months due to being overstimulated, then we started again, it was my third completed cycle. I was sure that like previous cycles this was a failure as well, I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative, I was testing early but you never know.

I became depressed and said the heck with it I am going to have a beer, I stopped at three. The next evening I went to dinner with my husband, I was famished and ate everything in sight, that is till they delivered my husbands steak. At which time I became ill and could not eat. I asked for my food to be boxed up and as soon as we got home I finished it off. That night while sleeping I wake up twice to go to the bathroom, again not something I do. The next day is Sunday and I am still four days away from needing to test, but I am sick yet again and decided to go for it.

To my surprise the test turned positive right away. I was filled with so many emotions, I was scared, nervous and did not believe it. So of course I tested again, it was still positive. The next day the doctors confirmed it with a blood test and I was on my way.

Two short weeks later I learned that I was not having a baby, but I was having three. I know have three healthy six year olds and would not change a thing.

If I were just starting down this road I would want a friend, someone I could speak with that would listen. As someone who has been there I would tell you to try not to let it be all you talk about, it will start to annoy people, to take breaks when needed and to never give up. I was told one day I would never have children, now I have three.

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