Am I eligible to be a surrogate mother?

by Jessica

I have read the qualifications. I have two children and I have been thinking about becoming a surrogate mother. I think it would be really nice to bring joy to others lives. The requirements do talk about not being applicable if there is a history of toxemia or preeclampsia my first child I had both. My second child was very healthy and I had no problems or concerns. So this would stop me from going any further?

Reply by Rayven
Surrogacy is an interesting process, because nearly all the “requirements” (aside from having had at least one child and being old enough) have a little wiggle room, and often can be completely set aside. Because you have had one birth after the difficulties, you may still be eligible.

It will be much more difficult to match, however. Not only must you find a set of intended parents willing to take a chance on you, but you will also need to find a set of intended parents with a clinic that is willing to take a chance on you.

Personally, I would match through an agency. That way this information has been thoroughly gone through and dealt with long before the intended parents (and their clinic) get into the picture; meaning, if an agency will accept you, there is no reason why a set of intended parents would not.

Best wishes!

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