Do we have to involve lawyers and go to court to do surrogacy?

by roseellen

my sister is having a baby for me & my girlfriend

i was told it was popssible that all we would have to do was
attend every doctor’s app & let her ogbyn know that i was going to be
the mother, that way when baby was born i would just sign the bith certificate & baby was legally our’s (:

i live in hawaii do you think thats possible? i realy dont want lawyers involved or attend court & the everything else…
with my sisters consent it makes sense i would have all rights?
pls help

Reply by Rayven

No, its not at all possible.

Though laws vary by state, I have never ever heard of a situation where a hospital is allowed to have “anyone” sign the birth certificate and take the baby out of the hospital. If something went wrong, that hospital would be liable for millions.

No, you absolutely, positively need legal representation and assistance.

This is your child we are talking about! Please don’t make decisions on her life based on hearsay. You could end up in a major legal situation.

All surrogacy arrangements need to go through the court system. Your lawyer will assist you with all the required documents and paperwork. And since this is a same-sex parenting situation as well, those added complications will also need professional representation.

If you want to have a baby via surrogacy, lawyers and court are just part of the mix. Its unavoidable.

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