Child Birth Story – Slight Water Break and No Contractions

…from a reader

I was very young when I gave birth to my daughter. My older sister just delivered my niece 8 months prior, so for the final months of my pregnancy, she tutored me in labor and delivery.

I was terrified to go through the process and would rather have just waved a magic wand than go through the inevitable pain. When the time came, I was not as prepared as I would have hoped to be. I awoke in the middle of the night because my water had broken very slightly.

I wasn’t having contractions, but my doctor wanted me to go to the hospital because I was so young. Several hours later, I was still not having contractions, and my water hadn’t broken further. I wasn’t about to complain about no pain!

My doctor decided to break my water and speed up the process. The contractions started, and I went into monster mode! The nurses tended to lean against my bed when they checked my contractions, and this was not acceptable to someone in so much pain.

I YELLED for them to stop moving my bed and asked for something to help with the pain. My doctor put something in my IV that took the edge off. Not only did it lessen the pain, it put me on another planet.

I have a very low tolerance for medication, so I was flying. I felt every contraction, but I didn’t care. I breathed through each one, but have no recollection of any pain. It was an interesting sensation.

After thirteen hours of labor, I was ready to deliver. I pushed for thirty minutes and out came my daughter. I was very surprised that the delivery was not painful.

My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t have the strength to get through the pushing, but it was surprisingly easy. I was thrilled to know that it was nothing like it’s portrayed in the movies!

Giving birth is truly the most phenomenal, emotionally draining experience I have ever been through.

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