can my husband be the father of the baby im carrying?

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can my husband be the father of the baby im carrying if we were having sex starting on the 2nd month of my pregnancy ?

im a surogate mother and is now pregnant with the intended parents child…but on the 2nd month of my pregnancy my husband and i started having sex…would that affect the baby inside and who is going to be the real father of this baby if the sperm came from the intended father but when i got pregnant i had sex with my husband??myra

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If you are already pregnant, the baby can’t decide to switch fathers in your womb. If you were confirmed two-month’s pregnant with the child of your intended parents, and had not had sex with your husband prior to that, then they are the parents.

Most clinics establish firm rules on when the surrogate mother can resume relations with her spouse, partly to avoid this type of confusion, and the possibility that she will inadvertently conceive her own child. Yes, some “surrogate” mothers end up giving birth to their own children, solely because they ignore clinic regulations.

Most surrogacy arrangements require a DNA test upon birth to confirm the parentage of the baby.

If you were not confirmed pregnant before having sex with your husband, then it is possible you are pregnant with his child. The fetal age of the baby on an ultrasound should help you to determine this. If, when receiving your next ultrasound, the baby is 2 month’s smaller than he should be, chances are your surrogacy did not succeed.

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