Can I become a surrogate mother after having UPLIFT surgery for my retroverted uterus?

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I had this procedure 18 months after my daugher was born by an emergency C-section. Two years prior to my daugher’s birth I gave birth by emergency C-section to my son. My pregnancies were perfect. Labor was induced with my son when he was a week overdue. My cervix did not dilate after laboring and the C-section was done. My intention was to do a VBAC with my daughter, but when I went into labor spontaneously with her after she was 9 days overdue, again, I did not dilate and the C-section was done to deliver her. I did not have any difficulty getting pregnant either time eventhough my uterus was retroverted. Unfortunately, the uterus settled into a very retroverted position after my daughter’s birth and some scar tissue on the uterus attached it to my rectum, causing incredible pain during my periods. I have been fine since the UPLIFT surgery. I’m very interested in becoming a surrogate mother, but fear that these complications since my children were born may cause me to appear as a poor candidate for surrogacy. This would be sad as I meet all other criteria for this special opportunity. Thank you for your feedback.


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If I am reading this correctly, you had the surgery AFTER the delivery of your last child? Meaning you have not been pregnant since?

Surrogacy is an interesting industry in that there are very few hard and fast rules. Most likely, you will have difficulty finding a match. Once you do find a match, the very first thing you need to do is to talk to their IVF clinic and find out if they would accept you due to your previous history.

As to whether you will be accepted, I just don’t know. They may or they may not. One clinic may say no while another says yes.

I wouldn’t give up on this at this point without trying at least once or twice.

Best wishes!

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