Can a couple use more than one surrogate at a time?

How many surrogate contracts are a couple allowed to have at one time? Need information on how many surrogates can you have a contract with at one time.

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Some intended parents decide to use two surrogate mothers at one time, but there are a few caveats to this sort of situation. (I have never heard of anyone using more than two surrogates at one time.)

First, surrogacy is an extremely emotional process, and it is very important that there is open communication with all parties. Meaning, if a set of intended parents wanted to use multiple surrogates at one time, then it is very important that they let all prospective surrogates know this during matching.

Many surrogate mothers would never consider such an arrangement. They might feel that there are more intended parents looking for surrogates than surrogates available, and would feel it would be unfair to other intended parents. They may feel like they would be treated like a womb instead of a person. They may feel like the intended parents are running a baby mill. They may fear that the intended parents would run out of funds during such an ambitious project, and not follow through on their commitments. And they might fear being dropped if the other surrogate gets pregnant first – or worse, if the intended parents decide they only want some of the children.

But other surrogates would not have a problem with this set up.

It would be important to bring this subject up during matching and find surrogates comfortable with this situation. The last thing you’d want to do is have two pregnant surrogates (who may not have agreed to this) find out during pregnancy causing stress to themselves and the unborn baby.

Also, intentions need to be examined. Is it the intent to have multiple children? The parents could end up with “twins” (not born on the same day), triplets, quadruplets or more. Are the intended parents willing to parent that many children of the same age?

It’s been done. But it is something that needs to be examined closely and shared with all parties.

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