What are the odds of becoming a surrogate?

Surrogacy-Quote-7I am 20 with a son.. and I would love to help other couples who are unable to have a child..

I was just wondering what the odds of me being a surrogate mother.

Reply by Rayven
Well, assuming you are in the United States…

Most states that allow surrogacy require you to be 21. That’s really not a big deal at this point, since the process will probably take until your 21st birthday anyway.

As far as the “odds” of you becoming a surrogate, that’s really up to you. If you pursue this, and you are healthy and meet the requirements, and you are able to deliver in a surrogacy friendly state, then you can be a surrogate.

There are more intended parents looking for surrogates than there are surrogates. You just need to go through the process (which you will find by reading this site, starting with the top tab and going through page by page).

Best wishes.

Do you receive money in advance for medications or reimbursment after the fact?

Surrogacy-Quote-33by Jennifer
(Tampa FL) 

I have signed on to be a Traditional Surrogate. We are in the beginning stages. I have purchased my first round of meds. Should I be asking for money to purchase meds in advance or sending the receipts and getting reimbursement after I purchase the meds?

Reply by Rayven
That depends on what your contract says. Some say that such expenses are reimbursed, and give specific information on where the surrogate should submit receipts (to an escrow agency, for example) while other contracts have the intended parents pay for the medications themselves, and then they are sent to the surrogate, eliminating her need to purchase them altogether.

Surrogacy medications can be very expensive. If your contract does not require you to pay for them and wait for reimbursement, see if your intended parents can set up an account with the pharmacy so that you do not need to pay out of pocket for them.

In my previous (gestational) surrogacies, I did not pay out of pocket for my medications.

Can the surrogate mother take the baby within the first 30 days after birth?

Surrogacy-Quote-3by Nicole

I know there are a lot of laws surrounding adoption and surrogacy. So I was wondering if the surrogate mother had a time period in which she could ask for the child be returned to her custody like in adoption.

Reply by Rayven

In Gestational Surrogacy in the United States, the gestational surrogate does not have the ability to “claim” the child at any time after the birth. She has no legal right to the child.

In Traditional Surrogacy, laws vary by state. Since with traditional surrogacy the baby is the biological child of the surrogate mother, these situations usually resemble an adoption, in which the traditional surrogate will be required to sign over her rights.

30 days? I’m not familiar with any adoption states that allow this. I’ve heard 3 days.

Bottom line: if you are going with gestational surrogacy, there is no need to worry about such circumstances, but you may need to find a great surrogacy state if interested in traditional surrogacy. Or, simply find an experienced traditional surrogate to ease your fears.

Best wishes

How do I go about this?

Surrogacy-Quote-38I live in north Wales, UK. I am 26 and have a very loving family an supportive husband. I would prefer to be able to get to know people who are seeking a surrogate mother as I believe that a good relationship is beneficial. How can I find potential matches? I have wanted to be a surrogate for a long time now. Where are parents who are seeking a surrogate mother?

Reply by Rayven

The best place to start for finding the right intended parents to work with in surrogacy is the surrogacy matching page on this website:

Finding a Surrogacy Match

There you will find ways to locate intended parents. Keep in mind, this site is intended for surrogate journeys taking place in the United States.

Best wishes!


Please see our six step guide to getting started:

Simple Surrogacy Getting Started Guide

Taking OTC medication while cycling for a surrogacy journey

by Trina
(Seattle, WA)
The Lupron injection is giving me really bad headache’s, what type of medication is ok to take when you going through a cycle? What type of medication is not ok to take.

Reply by Rayven

Headaches are common with Lupron. The short answer to your question is any medication is OK to take with surrogacy cycle medications…..as long as your IVF clinic approves it.

Call your nurse coordinator. She will tell you what you are allowed to take that will not affect your surrogacy transfer medications.

Best wishes.