Birth Control Pills with Tubal

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If my surrogate mother has her tubes tied~why does she need to go on birth control before the transfer? does my surrogate mother need birth control before transfer with a tubal

Reply by Rayven

Yes, she still needs birth control pills. They actually are not used for birth control prior to a transfer (unless that was the method of birth control a woman was previously using) but are used to regulate a woman’s cycle and sync it with either the intended mother or an egg donor so that the transfer can be made.

Both women need to be on the same cycle so timing is right. You’re taking eggs from one woman (fertilizing them) and putting them into another…the body needs to be ready for them.

In some cases, even a frozen transfer patient will get birth control pills. For instance, I have a tubal, and I was always put on birth control prior to my transfers even though I always did frozen transfers. The IVF doctor scheduled all his transfers in the same week and then went to another office in another state, so the office sync’d all the patients for convenience.


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