Back to back surrogacys

How long should a surrogate wait between pregnancies? We have a friend that is currently pregnant in her first surrogacy and she has agreed to be our gestational surrogate. How long will she need to wait before starting our first cycle?

Reply by Rayven
There is no set rule for this. Ultimately, you will need to wait until her OB/GYN has cleared her for another pregnancy. Mine cleared me at my 6 week checkup after I gave birth to my first set of surrogate twins. I did not have a c-section.

Some doctors will suggest a 3-6 month or even longer waiting period. And just because her doctor clears her, doesn’t mean she should necessarily start another journey that soon. She will need to wait until both her doctor has cleared her and she feels ready to start another journey.

For me, I gave birth to the twins in February and did the next transfer (frozen, one embryo transferred, successful full term pregnancy) that October.

So, bottom line, her OB/GYN needs to clear her, and both you and she need to be comfortable with another pregnancy.

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