About how much would it cost to be surrogate to a couple?

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I know a couple who are amazingly great and great friends they cannot have children and I believe she still produces eggs but not sure. If she does and i wanted to become their surrogate what is the figure they would be looking into i have insurance no co-pays and would do it for free i need to know the estimated price on just paying the clinic to get her eggs and his sperm for me to be a oven.

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There is no “set cost” for surrogacy. It is very difficult to estimate prices because each individual situation has many different cost affecting prices. Certainly your situation would cost less than many others.

From a typical surrogacy, you are able to subtract the surrogate’s compensation (what a wonderful gift for a friend!) as well as agency fees and many insurance related expenses (though you still need to check your policy to verify that it does indeed allow surrogacy; many appear to do so but specifically exclude it.)

Fees your intended parents would still be responsible for:

-Clinic fees, IVF transfer, egg retrieval, medications, and travel expenses

-Any medical expenses your policy does not include

-Incidentals from pregnancy, possibly maternity clothing, maybe making up your husband’s lost
wages if he misses work for something surrogacy related, etc

-Lawyer fees for drawing up a contract (YES! You still need a contract!) and getting birth paperwork in order

An estimate? Figure on at least $25,000, up to (or even exceeding) $50,000. The cost will go up with any failed transfers you might have. Does this mean that it will positively cost at least $25,000? No, but it’s a good place to start.

Hope this helps!

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